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28.3.05 21:59


You are very perceptive and smart. You are clear and to the point and have a great sense of humor. You are always learning and searching for understanding.

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24.3.05 21:23

You,re a very depressed, lonely person. Something
happened to you that changed your point of view
on life or maybe you always been this way. You
don't have any friends because you dont see the
point in making them they will just leave
anyway so why bother or maybe you just dont
want them. But try and stay positive there are
people who love you, so dont push them away
they just want to help. You might be scared to
make friends because you think they might hurt
you, but they won't, good friends always stay
together so try and make some. Check out my
new YYH Series ~A Bleeding Heart~

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ich sollte jetzt geek doch ma nachschlagen XD
ich bin so d?mlich *lacht*

D a r k n e s s . . . . .
You are...DARK. Yes you know, gothic-punk kinda
style. Go you! =P ( I hope at least you're not
a wannabe)

Yet another personality test ^-^ (nice anime pics!) NEW outcome!!
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XD ich mag punk-goth style (auch wenn das eigentlich total widersinnig is wenn man ma bedenkt das goth ne absplitterung der punk kultur is[...] ich h?r ja schon auf zu labern -_-")

X'D fa~rf help me

You are Midou Ban!
You are Midou Ban! You're sometimes too rude, but
you work hard to get what you want, or what you
deserve. Once you make friends with someone,
you wholly believe in their abilities, but that
doesn't stop you from being protective of those
you hold dear.

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You're a PLOTTER! A plotter carefully outlines
major plot points, interviews characters, and
charts the story progression to insure theyve
hit all their points at exactly the right
place--some even down to the page number!! You
are organized, work methodically through your
very detailed outlines. Your novel progresses
at a steady rate. You most likely have a tidy
work space, files with character developments
and more, and you probably write sequentially
chapter by chapter. You are indicative of the
Turtle in Aesops Fables. Slow and steady wins
the race! Your books are likely to be
bestsellers because you are familiar with all
the writing rules and you use them to your
advantage. Black Moment? No problem! Youve
got it all mapped out.

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18.3.05 14:49


The ULTIMATE personality test
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wenns denn stimmen w?rde

*drop* vorher wars paranoid -_-"


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
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18.3.05 14:29

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